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Photo credit: Yunus Emre Dogan

Selcuk Suna 


This group mixes traditional Turkish folk music with jazz; a blend of different worlds and different eras in time. All compositions are rearranged by Selcuk Suna.

Saxophones , Clarinet / Selcuk Suna

  Guitar / Eric St. Laurent
Keyboard, Piano/ Todd Pentney
Bass / Tyler Emond
Drums / Max Senitt



Photo credit: Yunus Emre Dogan 



  • December 10 Saturday,2016

    Selcuk Suna trio with special guest Dia, M&T Catering / Toronto

  • December 12 Monday,2016

     Special event Christmas party  

  • December 14 Wednesday,2016  

    Selcuk Suna trio at Delta Hotel, Christmas Party / Toronto

  • December 17 Saturday Turkuaz Tv (Special event)

     Selcuk Suna trio

  • December 26 Saturday,2016

    Selcuk Suna trio at Art Square Cafe / Toronto

  • February 14-15 and 17 , 2017

     Recording sessions for Selcuk Suna's album

  • February 23 Thursday 2017

     Recording session with Sultans of String 

  • March 11,2016

    Maneli Jamal trio Toronto Arts Centre / Toronto

  • March 29 Wednesday 2017

     Turkish Airlines night at Delta Hotel East with Selcuk Suna's band

  • March 30 Thursday 2017

    Recording session

  • April 1 Saturday 2017

     Delta Hotel East Jazz trio

  • April 15 Saturday 2017

     Art Square Gallery (Turkish Meze Night)

  • May 10 Wednesday 2017 

    Zeynep Ozbilen CD lunch at Lula Lounge / Toronto

  • May 19 Friday

    Art Square Gallery (2nd Turkish Meze Night)

  • May 22 / Monday / Toronto Woodbridge

     Special Event

  • June 4 / Sunday / Toronto

     Special Event

  • June 18 CHIN Picnic, Toronto

     Dia D concert

  • June 24 Art Hub / Toronto

     Maneli Jamal Concert

  • June 25  / Toronto / TD JAZZ FEST. / Cumberland Ave. / 12pm

     Maneli Jamal trio

  • June 25 / Goderich ON / Festival

     Dia D concert

  • July 20 Toronto

     Corporate event

  • July 22 Art Hub / Toronto

     Dia D Concert

  • July 26 Art Square Gallery /Toronto

     Dia / Eric St. Laurent / Selcuk Suna

  • July 28 / Cadillac Lounge /Toronto
  • July 29 Harbourfront / Tirgan / Toronto / 8:30pm

     Maneli Jamal trio 

  • July 30 Harbourfront / Tirgan /Toronto / 2:30pm

     Maneli Jamal trio

  • August 19 (Songs of Summer/ Oakville / Toronto

     Dia D concert 

  • August 23 / Art Square Gallery /Toronto

     Dia / Eric St. Laurent / Selcuk Suna

  • September 1 / The Great Hall / Toronto

     Special Event

  • September 4 / Harbourfront / Toronto

     Valeria Matzner 

  • September 6 / Art Square Gallery / Toronto

     Dia / Eric St. Laurent / Selcuk Suna

  • September 9 / Art Square/ART HUB / Toronto

     Selcuk Suna Trio

     Selcuk Suna / Eric St. Laurent / Dia / Max Senitt

  • September 23 /  Taste of the Hill / Toronto / 7.30-8.30pm

     DIA D concert

     Selcuk Suna / Eric St. Laurent / Todd Pentney / Tyler Emond / Max Senitt / Mehmet Akyazi

     Special guests: Dia / Anh Phung / Jessica Hana Deutsch / Luis Louwop Segura

  • October 11 / Art Square Gallery&Cafe / Toronto / 8-10pm

     Selcuk Suna / Eric St. Laurent / DIA

  • October 14 / Art Square- Art Hub / Toronto

     Special Event

  • October 15 / Special Event  / Toronto
  • October 29 / Turkish Independence Day / Toronto

     Zeynep Ozbilen

  • November 2 / Special Event / Toronto

     Selcuk Suna Trio featuring Dia

  • February 16 / Lula Lounge / Toronto

     Max Senitt band







  Photographer: Yunus Emre Dogan

Interests – Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock, Classical, Turkish, Experimental

Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1981, Selcuk comes from a family of musicians. His father, a professor of Traditional Turkish Music at Istanbul University, and his brother, a violin player and song writer, brought Selcuk into the music scene at a very young age. Selcuk was 8 years old when he joined the children's opera in AKM (Ataturk Cultural Centre). In addition, his parents decided to get him started on the clarinet when he was 11 in order to strengthen his lungs. It was the clarinet that led Selcuk to the saxophone at age 17. By the time Selcuk was 18, he was performing on various television programs and for many famous pop singers throughout Turkey. 

In his high school years, Selcuk studied clarinet at the conservatory in Istanbul.  He also won many high school vocal competitions. Selcuk was granted a full scholarship to study Jazz at Bilgi University, Istanbul, in the Jazz Performance (Saxophone) Department, which earned him a degree in Jazz Music. 

Selcuk has worked with Mike Wilkins, Ricky Ford and Butch Morris. He has also played on stage with well-known artists such as Shakira. While living in Turkey, Selcuk played on a weekly late-night show for 13 years; he also played for numerous pop-stars. Selcuk plays saxophone and clarinet for countless albums, theme music, television shows, and musicals. Selcuk also participates in vocal recordings, and is very knowledgeable in composition and has composed music for the theatre. 

Selcuk currently resides in Toronto, Canada as a freelance musician. He plays regularly at the Painted Lady and can be seen at various venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Selcuk uses a soprano saxophone, alto & tenor (all Selmer Series III), Akai & Yamaha midi sax and clarinet (Buffet RC)




Accepting beginner to advanced level students

  • Instruction offered for saxophone (tenor, alto, soprano) and clarinet
  • Extensive knowledge of many styles of music: jazz, pop, funk, soul, R&B, world music
  • Practicing effectively and using your time to it's full potential
  • Successfully preparing students for post-secondary music programs
  • Catering to the individual needs of each student
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Discography For Selcuk Suna

Sultans of String-Christmas Album

The Homeslice Experience – full album (2012)

Daniella Fabiano, Invisible Girl - “Invisible Girl” and “Stupid Boy” (2015)

Suat Suna, Askin Adi – Full album back vocals, clarinet and saxophones (2009)

Yalcin Akyildiz and Mengu Arslanoglu, Ruya – “Ruya” clarinet and soprano saxophones (2009)

Ayhan Gunyil, Skylight – “Ayhan’s Latin Flamenco” (2007)

Tuna Kiremitci, Tulumba – clarinet (2007)

Suat Suna,10– Full album back vocals, clarinet and saxophones and arrangement of brass section for the song “Sen” (2006)

Isin Karaca, Hosgoru – Full album back vocals; “Zamansiz” soprano saxophone (2005)

Isin Karaca, Icinde Ask var – Full album back vocals (2004)

Emre Altug, Sicak – Tracks 1,2,6,9 (2003)

Suat Suna, Su Damlasi  - Full album (back vocals, clarinet and saxophones) (2002)

Suat Suna, Yapamam Sensiz –  “Yapamam Sensiz” (1998)


-He played over 50 commercial music



Recorded countless works using my home studio. Send me the files and any details, and I will get to work. All styles including Jazz , Funk , Latin , Pop , World , Soul and R&B.

Recorded countless works using my home studio. Send me the files and any details, and I will get to work. All styles including Jazz , Funk , Latin , Pop , World , Soul and R&B.


  • Saxophones(tenor,alto,soprano) and clarinet
  • Sound card-Apogee Duet 2
  • Preamp:Hand made highest quality preamp by Harun Aksoy http://www.gadgetronicsaudio.com/
  • iMac 
  • Logic Pro X
  • Monitors BM5A MKII
  • Mackie Big Knob Monitor Control
  • Microphones RODE NT1-A and SENNHEISER MD-421




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